Peanut Flour

Nutri YOG Peanut Flour is prepared from high quality peanuts that have been shelled, manually sorted, roasted and naturally processed to obtain a lower fat peanut flour with a peanut flavor. This flour is 100% natural and solvent / chemical free.

Nutri YOG Peanut flour contains highly concentrated protein ~ 58 to 60 %, is gluten-free and vegan, and  low in carbohydrates and make great , tasty alternatives to wheat/ soy flour and it is perfect for healthy cooking & baking , and to use as natural protein or fiber supplements.Nutri YOG Peaut flour has good water –solubility and color of whiteness, favorable foaming and emulsifying properties ,flate taste and peculiar peanut mild taste. It works well as a fat binder in confectionery products or to add flavor and extend shelf life. It can also be used as a flour alternative in gluten-free breads and baked goods. Other ways to get creative with this unique ingredient include adding it to sauces and soups for texture and flavor, using it as a crumb topping for chicken and seafood, and  even blending it into smoothies and shakes to increase the content of plant protein in products. 

Specification of Nutri YOG Peanut Flour :

Brand Name Nutri YOG
Origin  Gujarat, India.
Type  Food Grade
Extraction  Chemical / Solvent Free Process
Ingredients  HPS Peanuts
Protein, %  55 to 59
Moisture,%  < 4
Fat, %                7 to 9
Aflatoxin  < 4ppb
Fineness  40 to 50 mesh
Aroma  Delicious Roasted Peanuts
Shelf Life  12 Months
Color  Whitish Creamy
Packaging  20Kg vacuum packed in PP Bag