Peanut Flour

Peanuts are known for their health benefits especially when it comes to heart. Nutrinity presents the fine peanut flour extracted out of premium quality of peanuts. We pay special attention to the grades of peanuts before they go into the roasting and natural oil extracting processes. Nutrinity s Peanut Flour is produced with 100% chemical and solvent free process which assures its safety as an ingredient. 

 The aroma, health benefits and peanut texture make it better than Soya flour for being used as ingredient by food processing units. As an ingredient to other food products, it acts as a rich protein source, adds nutrition and offers edible fibers for better digestion.



Nutrinity  Peanut Flour is Gluten free. It increases the shelf life of confectionary products along with adding beautiful and never changing golden texture. The Peanut flour is a healthy alternate to process baked food and make them healthier and fat free.

In bakeries it generates fine mild golden brown colour to products which is more than appealing to health conscious consumers.

In addition to that our Peanut Floor also preserves healthy mineral like Niacin B6, Arginine, Magnesium, Zinc and Potassium which need balanced supply to human body. Peanut Flour is can also be used as a natural alternate to sweeteners. Nutrinity Peanut Flour hides all the bitter taste of added minerals and do not harm health like sweeteners.


1) Low Fat Peanut Flour holds dense protein content of 50% and comes with only 12% fat. The pleasantly roasted peanuts leaves the fine aroma and flavor. It can be a best ingredient for peanut flavored candy and nutrition bars. Food products which demands high protein content and increased shelf life can blend our Low Fat Peanut Flour as an ingredient. With different roasted levels, the flour can be used for different categories. The recommended indicative list is as follows:


Applications – , Sacues, bakeries, extruded crisps, sacues, beverages, Protein bar.

2) Full fat Peanut Flour holds protein richness of 40% and offers fat of 28%. The rich protein and balanced fat. Food that demands higher fat and protein levels can use it as ingredient. The healthy fat eliminate heart risk and remains healthy for all. The high fat and protein ratio of our Full Fat Peanut floor do not increases the cholesterol levels in human body. It is more than safe to consume the fats provided in peanut flour. It can be used in various healthy food products and you can choose depending upon the texture and roasting level of peanuts. The recommended indicative list is:

Applications : for strong flavors, sacues, bakeries, extruded crisps



Other Description

Apart from above mentioned list, Nutrinity’s Peanut Flour can act as an active ingredient in Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical product such as protein bar, protein powder, protein supplements, instant energy drinks, baby food, pregnant/gym diet recipe. Other general items include ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF), Fortified foods, Cooking recipes, Protein-rich/Tonic Beverages, Confectionery, Meat analogs, seasoning blends etc.

Other Detail