Multi Grain Atta

Nutri Yog Atta is unique combination of specially  choosen five natural grains ( Wheat , Peanut, Chick Pea , Barlie and Ragi ) for perfect health and nutrition.

It provides protein , energy , dietary fibre, vitamins & minerals and antioxidants, required for proper growth, development and well being of body.

It improves softness, taste and other textural qualities of Roti, Paratha, Puri etc. Excellent functional properties makes it suitable ingredient in many preparations.


All-purpose Multi-grain Multi-fibre flour specially formulated for fitness minded people. Formulated for Weight Management, Diabetes management & Cholesterol management.

Suitable for

 • Overweight & Obese people

 • People with poor dietary fibre intake due to wrong dietary habits

• All adults including pregnant & lactating women

• People with cardiac condition or high cholesterol

• Diabetics

 • Hypertension

• People with poor digestion [ particularly constipation]

• Celiacs

 • People with food intolerances

• All fitness minded people including children


Other Description

How It Works?

• Enhances your metabolic rate…so that you burn more calories than before.

• Makes you fuller faster, thus preventing you from taking extra calories.

• Rich in fibre – both Soluble and Insoluble. It has the cholesterol-lowering effect.

• It helps lowering & stabilizing blood sugar levels in people with adult [typeII] diabetes.

 • It promotes proper functioning of the intestines and regular & easy bowel movement.

• When combined with good dietary habits [ see reverse ], it promotes active fat loss

Other Detail